Frequently Asked Questions

- Getting Started -

Once you have signed up and created an account on our website, the Shrinkage app can be downloaded in the Apple Store and Google play.

Shrinkage is available on IOS or Android devices.

We offer a free 30-day trial for new users. Shrinkage is $99/mo or $65/mo when billed annually.

An active internet connection is required on your mobile device or through your WiFi network.

Nope! All you need is a smartphone or tablet.

- General -

To get started, you’ll first need to create an account for your bar, nightclub, or restaurant. Sign up on our website for our 30-day free trial or choose a subscription that works for you. Once your account has been created, you will receive an email/text to confirm your account with a link to download the Shrinkage app.

After the app has been downloaded, login using your user credentials and enter the access token when prompted. You may now begin setting up your Virtual Bar!

A Virtual Bar is essentially a digital copy of your physical bar. The virtual bar you create should be identical to your physical bar for accurate inventory taking. It should not only contain all the areas throughout the bar, but all the products in them as well.

A Master Area is your bar’s Liquor Closet and Beer Cooler, in other words your main stock rooms. We’ve found that all products are stored in these two areas at some point during their shelf life.

By having all products in these two Master Areas, you can maintain your bar’s unique Bar Universe of products and quickly add them to other areas of your bar.

The first time you open the Shrinkage app the first thing you’ll be prompted to do is set-up your vendors. Simply Search our database of Vendors or add a Custom Vendor. Once you’ve selected your vendor, enter your Sales Rep’s name and we’ll pull their contact info from your phone.

To add/edit Vendors and Sales reps after you’ve set-up your bar, navigate to the ‘Bar Management’ tab in the app and select ‘Manage Vendors’. Click the hamburger menu to edit or delete vendors.

WARNING: Deleting a vendor will permanently remove them from your account and unassign all the products assigned to that vendor. You will then need to reassign them in order to place orders.

There are three ways to add products to your bar:

Scan & Set: Our built-in scanner allows you to scan products UPC codes to quickly scan and set items to your bar in the order they appear.

Search & Set: Quickly search our database of thousands of products by typing the product name into the search bar.

Add a Custom product: With new products hitting the market nearly every day, it can be hard to keep up with even with a dedicated team. If your product is not found by scanning or searching, just add a custom product! Once you’ve added a custom product, we’ll make sure it’s available to other users too!

Yes, simply Swipe & Set the same product to add it multiple times in the same area.

PAR stands for Periodic Automatic Replenishment. This value helps determine the quantity of each inventory item that should always be on hand . For example, if your bar goes through 5 bottles of Vodka each week, you should set your Vodka PAR value to 5 so that you never run out of it.

Although it is not required to set PAR levels for each of your products, we recommend doing so for faster ordering. Once you set your PAR values and take inventory, Shrinkage will let you know how much you need to order by comparing PAR values to your on-hand inventory.

We try to keep the most updated UPC codes in our database and are constantly adding new UPC codes. Sometimes in order to scan a product you’re having trouble with; you simply need to turn on the flashlight and hold the item steady. You can also try moving your camera further away from the barcode.

If the item is not found, you can try searching by product name, or add a Custom product. Each time you add a custom product with the correct UPC code, you help us strengthen our database and make the item available for other bars.

To add an area, click to the last martini icon, or the ‘Bar Management’ tab in the app. Next, click on the ‘Manage Areas’ button. From here, you can view/edit, rename, mark inactive and delete areas by clicking on the hamburger icon. Click the plus sign to add a new area.

Mark Inactive: If you no longer wish to inventory an area, simply mark it inactive. The area will be ‘hidden’ and will no longer be included in inventory and reporting. This is a great option for seasonal patios or banquet bars. You can mark it active at any time and all your products will still be there.

Deleting an Area: Once an area has been deleted it will no longer be available in your unique Bar Universe. Only delete an area if you wish to permanently remove it from your bar.

Navigate to the ‘Bar Management’ tab, click ‘Manage Areas’, and select the area you wish to edit. Press and hold the product you wish to edit and move up or down to place in new order. Click ‘Save’ to save changes.

To add a custom item, select the area in which you want to add an item. Next, click the ‘Search & Set’ button, then click ‘Add Custom’. Fill in the product information and then click ‘Done’. Your product will be saved to that area.

Navigate to the ‘Bar Management’ section of the app. Once there, click on ‘Manage Products’. Products are listed alphabetically by default. In the top left-hand corner, click on the 3 dots to sort by Vendor instead.

Once you have located the product you wish to edit, click on the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) and select ‘edit’. After your done editing, click ‘Done’ to save changes.

NOTE: This is where you can set your par values for each product.

Navigate to the ‘Bar Management’ section of the app. Once there, click on ‘Manage Products’. Products are listed alphabetically by default. In the top left-hand corner, click on the 3 dots to sort by Vendor instead.

Locate the product you wish to delete, click on the hamburger menu next to the product. From here you can click of two things:

Inactive- Marking a product inactive will ‘hide’ it from your inventory, ordering, and reporting. This is good for seasonal products or ‘one-offs’.

Delete- Deleting an item will permanently remove the item from your ‘Virtual Bar’. Only choose this option if you no longer wish to have a record of a product and no longer plan on carrying it.

- Inventory -

Open the Shrinkage app and click ‘Start New Inventory’. Select the area you wish to inventory and begin entering your inventory counts. Be sure to enter correct numbers for each product. Swipe through each product until you reach the end of an area and click ‘Save Inventory’. Repeat until all areas are complete and marked with a checkmark.

You can switch to list view by clicking the ‘hamburger’ icon in the top right-hand corner. This helps to check your progress or easily navigate to a product you wish to edit. Click the ‘bottle’ icon to switch back to bottle-view

TIP: You can enter full and partial bottles in the same field by using the standard ‘tenths’ method.

For example:
Grey Goose: 2.7 = 2 full bottles and .70 partial bottle

Inventory quantities can be adjusted while inventory is still open. You may go back into areas and edit quantities as needed. Be sure to click ‘Save Inventory’ to save any changes.

TIP: Do not close inventory until you are certain your inventory is correct. Once inventory has been closed, changes cannot be made.

Once all your areas have been inventoried and are complete with a checkmark, you will be able to close inventory. Simply click the ‘close inventory’ button to close out the week’s inventory.

Make sure each employee has their own account and login credentials for your Bar and are all signed into the app. To take inventory with multiple users, simply split up the work among employees making sure there’s only ONE person per area.

Once all areas have been inventoried and inventory is ready to close, only ONE person should close inventory.

Since kegs are difficult to inventory without a scale, we recommend inventorying a keg in quarters.
For example:
‘.50’= half full
‘.75’=three quarters full
‘1’= full keg
‘1.25’ = keg and a quarter

Login on to the web Admin Panel at Next, click on the ‘Inventory’ tab. From here, select the date of the report you’d like to view. Click the arrow to view the report on the Admin Panel or download a copy. You can also have a report emailed to you or forward it to another recipient.

New features are constantly being added. We will update users when this is available.

- Ordering -

Once you have closed inventory, navigate to the ‘Order tab’ or the third tab in the app. Here you can view your order report. See what you have on hand for each product and adjust the quantities as need.

Be sure to set up your PAR levels for suggested order amounts and faster ordering.

After you have adjusted your order quantities on the order report, click the ‘Review Orders’ button. From here, double check your orders and adjust quantities as needed.

Use the ‘Order Notes’ to send a message to your Sales Rep. You can give them special delivery instructions, ask about deals and pricing, or anything else.

Once you’ve reviewed your orders and are ready to submit, simply click the ‘submit’ button and choose your preferred method of ordering.

If you’ve changed your mind and decided not to place an order, click ‘skip’ instead.

If you don’t need any orders placed, click ‘Skip All’ in the top right-hand corner of the order report.

- Receiving -

You can receive orders via mobile or web.

Mobile: Navigate to the 4th ‘Stock & Set’ tab in the app. Here you can see your orders and their status. Click on ‘Receive Orders’ to receive your orders.

Web: Log in to your account on . Once logged in, navigate ‘Ordering/Receiving’ tab along the top. From here you can view and receive your orders.

- Reporting -

For a quick COGS report, navigate to the second ‘Sales & Set’ tab in the app. Click on the ‘Weekly Sales’ and enter your gross weekly sales. We’ll automatically calculate your COGS and pour cost.

Tip: Enter your total voids, comps, spills/breaks, and discounts. We believe these are important metrics to track for the success of your bar. We’ll compare these against your total sales so you can see if and how they are impacting your business.

Login to your web dashboard to view older reports.